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About us

Italdesign is a company with the professional knowledge and constantly acquired hands-on technical skills for the supply and fix of Marble Granite and Stone. Efficiency and cost effectiveness is what we guaranty our clients for their exclusive projects worldwide.

We have controlled and supplied projects for the last twenty years and have the great advantage of being fluent in both English and Italian. Consequently we can combine both cultures with the flare, style and discipline required to achieve the ultimate in the Italian Stone Industry.
We have a long established collaboration with the best quarrying Companies, skilled stone masons, technicians, fixers and architects in Italy and abroad to carry out your turn key project with personal care from planning, material sourcing to successful hand over.

How we work

We work in the Clients interest offering a complete service which includes: sourcing, inspection and procurement of stone, recommendation of use, technical Cad/Cam and artistic design, coordination and strict quality control of manufacturing process, delivery to site and on request skilled labour for installation.

  1. The Client can contact us usually through his Architect and send his request with ideas, sketches or preliminary drawings
  2. We source material, carry out a feasibility study and submit an estimate
  3. On confirmation of project we can carry out design work, site take offs, shop drawings and cutting sheets for manufacture in collaboration with Architect and Fixing team, using specialized computer programs and artwork.
  4. We procure material from quarry, importer or stockist with constant quality control of blocks or slabs choosing only the best material available on the market.
  5. We undertake manufacturing process with the combination of optimum CNC technology and skilful hand craftsmanship for the best results, thus combining tradition with modern technology
  6. We carry out constant quality control of elements during production process, factory mock ups and pre shipment inspection
  7. Careful packing, Loading and insured delivery to site
  8. On request; installation with our own team of experienced fixers.

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